Hydra 0.20
Hydra Library Reference

This is the hydra library reference. It's still under construction.

Engine Overview

The singleton hydra::Engine class encapsulates the core connection to the hydra database.

This engine class maintains three logic key-value databases, using the hydra::DB class.

The hydra::DB represents a key-value database, currently implemented as a table in a SQLite file. This may change in the future.


Hydra uses a key-value database concept for its storage. Keys are usually filenames, UUIDs or hashes. Values are always hydra::Record classes that are serialized to the databsae.

Currently, there are three record types: hydra::FileItemRecord, hydra::FileHashRecord and hydra::FilePathRecord. These three records are stored in three hydra::DB classes, all maintained by hydra::Engine. You typically never access the hydra::DB classes directly, and instead use all the methods provided by the hydra::Engine class.

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