Wexus2 0.20
Wexus Compiling Instructions

Wexus requires QT4 and CMake. You'll need git to get the sources.

First, check out wexus2 from git, then create a build directory under that:

  git clone <GITURL>
  cd wexus2
  mkdir build
  cd build

Now, run cmake and configure wexus. Alternatively, you can run ccmake (for a console interface) or cmake-gui (for a graphical one).

  cmake ../wexus2.src

Finally, compile wexus. Note first you can only build the wexusmake utility. With this utility you generate some files and then run cmake again, to build wexusserver:

  ./wexusmake ../wexus2.src
  cmake ../wexus2.src

You should now have two executables: wexusmake (the programmers utility) and wexusserver (a command line web server)

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