Wexus2 0.20
Wexus Markdown Reference


Titles can be implemented using hash marks:

# title 1 #

## title 2 ##

### title 3 ###

You can also use underlines:

A title

2nd title

Fixed Width Text

Code/fixed width text needs 4 spaces of margin:

    This fixed width code
    has 4 spaces before it

Text Styles

You can use aterixes and underscores to adjust the text style:

Text modes: *bold* _italic_


Links should be in brackets or double brackets. Use [ space to actually get a [

[http://host/file] or [relative_file.txt] or [[http://another/link]]


Lists are bulleted with asterix.

* list item (can also lead with + or -)
* list item
(line 2 of this item)
* list item
    + sub item (note different list item char) and 4-space leader

Horizontal Rules

You can use any of these patterns to insert a horizontal rules:


= = = = = = = =


You can quote text (a style of indentation) by using the greater-than sign:

 > This is quoted
 > Text.

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