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scopira::agent::monitor_service Class Reference

#include <monitorservice.h>

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Public Member Functions

 monitor_service (scopira::agent::task_context &ctx)
void add_watch (scopira::tool::uuid whotowatch, scopira::tool::uuid receipient, bool killonwatch=false)
void remove_watch (scopira::tool::uuid whotowatch, scopira::tool::uuid receipient)

Detailed Description

This is a service pack for accessing the monitor service. The monitor service lets you register your process for notification of other tasks deaths, aswell as have your own task be killed when another process dies.

You may create this object as needed, it is lightweight.

A "service pack" is a C++ API object that easies access to a service task. It handles all the protocol communication with that service.

Aleksander Demko

Member Function Documentation

void scopira::agent::monitor_service::add_watch ( scopira::tool::uuid  whotowatch,
scopira::tool::uuid  receipient,
bool  killonwatch = false 

Add a watch to be monitored. If the whotowatch task dies while this watch is active, then receipient will be: killonwatch = true? receipient will be sent the kill signal/be killed killonwatch = false? receipient will be send the msg int(1100) uuid(whotowatch)

Aleksander Demko

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