Scopira 20080306

scopira::basekit::nindex< 1 > Class Template Reference

#include <narray.h>

Inheritance diagram for scopira::basekit::nindex< 1 >:
scopira::tool::fixed_array< size_t, 1 >

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Public Member Functions

 nindex (size_t v=0)
 ctor (implicit)
void clear (size_t v=0)
size_t product (void) const
 gets it multed
size_t offset (const this_type &c) const
 calc ofset, using this as the size
this_type strides (void) const
 stride offset array
nindex< 1 > shrink (void) const
 returns the same, but one less
bool operator< (const this_type &rhs) const
bool operator== (const this_type &rhs) const
size_t operator* (const this_type &rhs) const
const this_typeoperator= (const this_type &rhs)
size_t & x (void)
 ref access
size_t x (void) const
 ref access
void set (size_t _x)

Static Public Member Functions

static this_type steps (void)
 returns [0]

Detailed Description

class scopira::basekit::nindex< 1 >

a 2d coord (specialization)

Aleksander Demko

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