Scopira 20080306

scopira::tool::lincon_gen< IntType, a, c, m, val > Class Template Reference

#include <linconrandom.h>

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Public Types

typedef IntType result_type

Public Member Functions

 lincon_gen (IntType x0=1)
 x0 is the seed
void seed (IntType x0)
 resets the seed
result_type min (void) const
result_type max (void) const
IntType operator() (void)
 get next num
bool validation (IntType x) const

Static Public Attributes

static const bool has_fixed_range = true
static const result_type min_value = ( c == 0 ? 1 : 0 )
static const result_type max_value = m-1

Detailed Description

template<class IntType, IntType a, IntType c, IntType m, IntType val>
class scopira::tool::lincon_gen< IntType, a, c, m, val >

Compile-time configurable linear congruential generator

Taken from boost.

Aleksander Demko

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