Scopira 20080306

scopira::tool::netaddr Class Reference

#include <netflow.h>

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scopira::tool::fixed_array< unsigned char, 4 >

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Public Member Functions

 netaddr (void)
 default constructor, inits to local host
 netaddr (int _ip0, int _ip1, int _ip2, int _ip3)
 quick ip4 constructor
std::string as_string (void) const
 return x.x.x.x form
bool parse_string (const std::string &s)
 parse from a string

Static Public Member Functions

static netaddr zero (void)
 makes and returns the zero address
static netaddr any (void)
 makes and returns the any address
static netaddr broadcast (void)
 makes and returns the bcast address
static netaddr localhost (void)
 makes and returns localhost

Detailed Description

an ip address. this a simple, fully copiable pod.

Aleksander Demko

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