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scopira::tool::objrefcounter Class Reference

#include <object.h>

Public Member Functions

 objrefcounter (void)
 ~objrefcounter ()
void foo (void) const

Static Protected Attributes

static int dm_ref
static int dm_peak
static int dm_tot
static int dm_baddel
static int dm_real


class object

Detailed Description

Internal, singleton like class usefull for debuggin. This class summarized and prints all the add_refs and sub_refs done throughout the application. Any inbalances will be reported.

Only available (and thus used) in debug mode.

Aleksander Demko

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ objrefcounter()

scopira::tool::objrefcounter::objrefcounter ( void  )

Construct the class. This should be done in your main method (or similar) and defore any reference counting methods (withing object) have been called)

Aleksander Demko

◆ ~objrefcounter()

scopira::tool::objrefcounter::~objrefcounter ( )

Destruct the class and report the counts. This should be done after all reference counting methods have been called (neat the end of your main (or similar).

Aleksander Demko

Member Function Documentation

◆ foo()

void scopira::tool::objrefcounter::foo ( void  ) const

Just to avoid "class unused" compiler warnings when you instantiate this class.

Aleksander Demko

References scopira::tool::object::add_ref(), and scopira::tool::object::sub_ref().

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