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scopira::tool::oobjflow_i Class Referenceabstract

#include <flow.h>

Inheritance diagram for scopira::tool::oobjflow_i:
scopira::tool::otflow_i scopira::tool::oflow_i scopira::tool::flow_i scopira::tool::object scopira::tool::polyoflow scopira::tool::propoflow scopira::tool::isooflow scopira::tool::archiveoflow

Public Member Functions

virtual void write_object (const scopira::tool::object *o)=0
template<class L >
void write_object_type (const scopira::tool::count_ptr< L > &o)
- Public Member Functions inherited from scopira::tool::otflow_i
virtual void write_bool (bool)=0
virtual void write_char (char)=0
virtual void write_short (short)=0
virtual void write_int (int)=0
virtual void write_size_t (size_t)=0
virtual void write_int64_t (int64_t)=0
virtual void write_long (long)=0
virtual void write_float (float)=0
virtual void write_double (double)=0
virtual void write_string (const std::string &)=0
template<class TT >
void write_generic (const TT &v)
- Public Member Functions inherited from scopira::tool::oflow_i
virtual size_t write (const byte_t *_buf, size_t _size)=0
virtual size_t write_byte (byte_t b)
template<class TT >
size_t write_array (const TT *_buf, size_t _numelem)
size_t write_void (const void *_buf, size_t _size)
- Public Member Functions inherited from scopira::tool::flow_i
virtual bool failed (void) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from scopira::tool::object
virtual ~object ()
int add_ref (void) const
bool sub_ref (void) const
void auto_ref (void) const
int current_ref (void) const
virtual scopira::tool::oflow_iprint (scopira::tool::oflow_i &o) const
virtual bool load (scopira::tool::iobjflow_i &in)
virtual void save (scopira::tool::oobjflow_i &out) const
bool is_alive_object (void) const
bool is_dead_object (void) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from scopira::tool::flow_i
enum  { input_c = 1, output_c = 2 }
typedef scopira::tool::byte_t byte_t
typedef int mode_t
- Protected Member Functions inherited from scopira::tool::object
 object (void)
 object (bool neverusecounter)

Detailed Description

Output object serialization. This interface adds a virtual-object write method to otflow_t. In total - via inheritance - this interface may write objects, primitive types (including streams) and raw bytes.

Aleksander Demko

Member Function Documentation

◆ write_object()

virtual void scopira::tool::oobjflow_i::write_object ( const scopira::tool::object o)
pure virtual

Writes the given object to stream.

othe object to write. may be null.
Aleksander Demko

Implemented in scopira::tool::isooflow, scopira::tool::propoflow, and scopira::tool::polyoflow.

◆ write_object_type()

template<class L >
void scopira::tool::oobjflow_i::write_object_type ( const scopira::tool::count_ptr< L > &  o)

Writes the given object to stream, from an auto pointer.

othe object to write. may be null.
Aleksander Demko

References scopira::tool::count_ptr< T >::get().

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