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scopira::tool::timespan Class Reference

#include <time.h>

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Public Member Functions

 timespan (void)
 constructor - inits to null time
 timespan (time_t t)
 initing ctor
 timespan (int days, int hours, int minutes, int seconds)
 intializes a timespan with hours[0..], minutes[0..59] and seconds[0..59]
bool is_null (void) const
 checks for null time
int get_days (void) const
 gets the days unit of the timespan
int get_hours (void) const
 gets the hours unit of the timespan
int get_total_hours (void) const
 gets the total number of hours in the timespan
int get_minutes (void) const
 gets the miutes unit of the timespan
int get_total_minutes (void) const
 gets the total number of minutes in the timespan
int get_seconds (void) const
 gets the seconds unit of the timespan
int get_total_seconds (void) const
 gets the total number of seconds in the timespan
bool operator< (timespan rhs) const
 comparison operators
bool operator<= (timespan rhs) const
bool operator> (timespan rhs) const
bool operator>= (timespan rhs) const
bool operator== (timespan rhs) const
bool operator!= (timespan rhs) const
timespan operator+ (timespan rhs) const
 addition and subtraction operators
timespanoperator+= (timespan rhs)
timespan operator- (timespan rhs) const
timespanoperator-= (timespan rhs)
timespanoperator= (timespan rhs)
 assignment operator


class timestamp

Detailed Description

time span class represents a span of time

Aleksander Demko

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