Wexus2 0.20
Wexus Apps

Stock apps that can be started by app.ini.

Static File Server

Type ca.demko.file

Serves static files directory the user. Useful for .html, .jpg (and other images), etc.


  • dir1 dir2 dir3 etc. (default dir1=.) One or more directories to server. They are all relative to the app.ini directory.
  • options1 etc. (default empty). Provides a space-separated list of options for each corresponding directory. This string can contain any of the following:
    • IndexHtml Show index.html files if present.
    • AutoDirIndex Automatically generate directory listings when needed.
    • AllowAllMimeTypes Server all files, not just a safe subset.


Type ca.demko.redirect

Redirects some URLs to some other URLs. Useful for transitions and building permanent links.


  • link1 link2 etc. (no default, e.g. "/src dest"). Specifies one or more redirect mappings. The mappins are of the form "/src dest". This will remap the given src url to the dest url. The dest url can be relative or absolute.

Blog Page

Type ca.demko.blog

A simply web log (blog) server.

This will server all the markdown-formatted txt files in the appdir as blog entries. The filenames should be of the form YYYYMM_title.txt or YYYYMMDD_title.txt

See the wexusmarkdown reference for syntax.

Wiki Site

Type ca.demko.wiki

A simple wiki server.

This will serve all the markdown formatted txt files in the appdir as wiki pages. The pages are then editable and old copies are stored in a directory.

See the wexusmarkdown reference for syntax.

Uptime Status

A very simply app that reports the uptime and load of the machine.

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