Wexus2 0.20
Wexus User Reference

This page contains help on various modules and parameters available in the stock wexusserver system.

wexusserver program

You run wexusserver like so:

    wexusserver sitedir

If the sitedir doesn't contain any site.ini or app.ini files, it will be hosted using the basic file server module.


The root sitedir may contain a site.ini file. This file contains site-wide options.

  • httpport (default 8080) The http port to use.
  • httpthreads (default 4) The default number of worker threads to use.


Any subdirectory of the sitedir may have an app.ini file. This will launch one or more apps in the give directory.

The ini file has sections, one per app. You start a new section with [brackets]. You can put a descriptive name within the [brackets]. The apps will be loaded in a sorted order.

Common user settings:

  • app Required. The app type to launch. See Wexus Apps
  • headerdir (default headers/) Sets common files below.

Common files:

  • database.sqlite The default sqlite3 database to use for core functions.
  • headers/ directory. Can contain header.html and footer.html which will be used as a common header and footer for all output.

For programmers, there are some computed fields to: mountpoint (e.g. blog), appdir (the current dir), and sitedir (the sitedir)

Example app.ini:


  app = ca.demko.redirect

  link1 = "/src dest"


  app = ca.demko.file


  app = ca.demko.blog
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