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scopira::core::sidekick_runner Class Reference

#include <sidekickthread.h>

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scopira::tool::runnable_i scopira::core::sidekick_queue_i scopira::tool::object

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struct  sidekick_area

Public Member Functions

 sidekick_runner (void)
virtual void run (void)
 the run implementation
virtual void notify_stop (void)
 called by sidekick_thread's dtor

Protected Member Functions

virtual void enqueue_sidekick (sidekick_i *t)
 actuall driver
virtual bool is_sidekick_running (void)
 additional driver method

Detailed Description

This is a runner-sigleton that can process events queued by equeue_sidekick, often in lue of sidekick_lab_loop. You can run this with your threads directly, or just use the simple sidekick_thread which is simply a thread+this object.

Aleksander Demko

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