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scopira::core::view_i Class Reference

#include <view.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void bind_model (scopira::core::model_i *sus)
virtual void react_model_update (scopira::core::model_i *sus, scopira::core::view_i *src)
 called when the model_i has "changed" by the given inspector (might be null)
void set_view_action_reactor (view_action_reactor_i *vh)
 (internal) this is calle by infrastructure systems

Protected Member Functions

void react_view_action (int actionID)
 descendants call this when they want to emit an action event
void set_view_title (const std::string &newtitle)
 descedants call this when they want to change their displayed title

Detailed Description

A generic "view" that can be paired with a model. This used to be an inspector.

Aleksander Demko

Member Function Documentation

virtual void scopira::core::view_i::bind_model ( scopira::core::model_i sus) [virtual]

This is called when a new model_i is bound/unbound. This is also the only method called on non-gui views, so you should put your action code in this method in that case.

Aleksander Demko

Referenced by scopira::core::bind_model_view().

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