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scopira::tool::teeoflow Class Reference

#include <distflow.h>

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scopira::tool::oflow_i scopira::tool::flow_i scopira::tool::object

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Public Member Functions

 teeoflow (bool doref)
 the two flows
virtual bool failed (void) const
 are we in a failed state?
virtual size_t write (const byte_t *_buf, size_t _size)
 write a raw block of data
void set_flow_a (oflow_i *r)
 sets the A (first) flow. may be null
void set_flow_b (oflow_i *r)
 sets the B (first) flow. may be null

Protected Types

< scopira::tool::oflow_i
 output links

Protected Attributes

holder_t dm_a
holder_t dm_b

Detailed Description

a distoflow subset that only handles distribution to TWO oflows. The name tee comes from the unix command. Either oflow (A or B) may be null.

Aleksander Demko

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

scopira::tool::teeoflow::teeoflow ( bool  doref) [explicit]

the two flows

default constructor

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