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scopira::tool::iflow_i Class Referenceabstract

#include <flow.h>

Inheritance diagram for scopira::tool::iflow_i:
scopira::tool::flow_i scopira::tool::object scopira::tool::bufferflow scopira::tool::bufferiflow scopira::tool::cacheiflow scopira::tool::commentiflow scopira::tool::fileflow scopira::tool::hexiflow scopira::tool::itflow_i scopira::tool::netflow scopira::tool::nullflow scopira::tool::stringflow scopira::tool::stringiflow scopira::tool::unixflow

Public Member Functions

virtual size_t read (byte_t *_buf, size_t _maxsize)=0
virtual size_t read_byte (byte_t &out)
template<class TT >
size_t read_array (TT *_buf, size_t _numelem)
size_t read_void (void *_buf, size_t _maxsize)
- Public Member Functions inherited from scopira::tool::flow_i
virtual bool failed (void) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from scopira::tool::object
virtual ~object ()
int add_ref (void) const
bool sub_ref (void) const
void auto_ref (void) const
int current_ref (void) const
virtual scopira::tool::oflow_iprint (scopira::tool::oflow_i &o) const
virtual bool load (scopira::tool::iobjflow_i &in)
virtual void save (scopira::tool::oobjflow_i &out) const
bool is_alive_object (void) const
bool is_dead_object (void) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from scopira::tool::flow_i
enum  { input_c = 1, output_c = 2 }
typedef scopira::tool::byte_t byte_t
typedef int mode_t
- Protected Member Functions inherited from scopira::tool::object
 object (void)
 object (bool neverusecounter)

Detailed Description

A raw input stream of bytes

Aleksander Demko

Member Function Documentation

◆ read()

virtual size_t scopira::tool::iflow_i::read ( byte_t _buf,
size_t  _maxsize 
pure virtual

◆ read_array()

template<class TT >
size_t scopira::tool::iflow_i::read_array ( TT *  _buf,
size_t  _numelem 

Nice wrapper around the raw read() method. Lets you read raw arrays of a particular type. POD types only. Returns the number of elelments actually read.

Aleksander Demko

Referenced by scopira::basekit::narray< scopira::tool::uuid >::load(), and scopira::basekit::nslice< T, DIM >::load().

◆ read_byte()

virtual size_t scopira::tool::iflow_i::read_byte ( byte_t out)

Reads one byte

outwhere to write the byte
1 if a byte was read, 0 if not
Aleksander Demko

Reimplemented in scopira::tool::cacheiflow, scopira::tool::hexiflow, and scopira::tool::commentiflow.

◆ read_void()

size_t scopira::tool::iflow_i::read_void ( void *  _buf,
size_t  _maxsize 

Reads a raw block of bytes, using a void*

_bufthe buffer to write out to
_maxsizethe maximume number of bytes to read into the buffer
the number of bytes actually read
Aleksander Demko

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