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scopira::tool::unixflow Class Reference

#include <netflow.h>

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Public Member Functions

 unixflow (void)
 default ctor
 unixflow (const std::string &filename, bool server_mode)
 opening ctor
virtual ~unixflow ()
virtual bool failed (void) const
 are we in a failed state?
virtual size_t read (byte_t *_buf, size_t _maxsize)
 read raw block data, returns num read in
virtual size_t write (const byte_t *_buf, size_t _size)
 write a raw block of data
void open (const std::string &filename, bool server_mode)
 opens a client socket, null _addr for server socket
void close (void)
 close the file
bool accept (unixflow &nconn)
bool read_ready (int msec)
const std::string & get_filename (void) const
 gets the address
bool is_server (void) const
 is this a server socket?

Protected Member Functions

void open_relay (int _fd, const std::string &filename)
 internal, used by server ::accept

Protected Attributes

std::string dm_filename
bool dm_server
bool dm_open
bool dm_fail
bool dm_sfail
int dm_sock

Detailed Description

A "UNIX domain" socket.

TODO This class has not been tested at all. It's implementation is based on netflow and p372 of UNIX Systems Programming for SVR4

Aleksander Demko

Member Function Documentation

bool scopira::tool::unixflow::accept ( unixflow nconn)

(for server), opens the given connection to the new link returns true if a new linke came in, false on error

bool scopira::tool::unixflow::read_ready ( int  msec)

is anything in the input buffer, within the given time? (false==timeout) 1000msec = 1 second

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