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scopira::tool::isoiflow Class Reference

#include <polyflow.h>

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scopira::tool::polyiflow scopira::tool::iobjflow_i scopira::tool::itflow_i scopira::tool::iflow_i scopira::tool::flow_i scopira::tool::object scopira::tool::archiveiflow

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Public Member Functions

 isoiflow (bool doref, itflow_i *rz)
 constructor + open
virtual ~isoiflow ()
virtual bool read_object (object *&out)
 reads a virtual object from the stream

Protected Types

typedef std::map< int,
scopira::tool::object * > 

Protected Attributes

idmap_t dm_idmap

Detailed Description

This is an polyoflow implementation that implements full serialazation of objects, and has support for multi references. That is, if an object is refered to by multiple pointers, it will only be written to disk once.

Reading the objects back from the stream also reproduces one instance. rather than many.

This is stream is almost always prefeered over scopira::tool::polyiflow

Aleksander Demko

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